Summer Academies 2018

Explore some of the hottest careers today in the medical sciences, firefighting operations, coding, construction and engineering hospitality and more. These academies are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, exposing students to a range of skills and careers.

Building Your Future

@ Hendricks CareerTek

Summer Program for All Incoming Beloit Memorial High School 10th Graders


  • Students will complete a job shadow experience in their area of interest
  • Hear from guest speakers from around the comunity
  • Field trips to local businesses and Beloit Technical College
  • Become the next YouTube sensation
    • Create and present your artistic video capturing your experience.
    • Work with a variety of technologies including green screen, adobe software and video/editing systems to show off your creative talents all while exploring your future.


  • Wed, July 18 – Aug. 11, 1pm – 3pm

Fire Ops

@ City of Beloit Fire Dept.
1111 Church St. Beloit, WI

Fire Ops is an exciting opportunity to dive into understanding the life saving profession of fire ops. Be part of exploring three different perspectives and their roles as part of a life saving team–emergency medical, fire rescue and rescue specialties.

  • Fire Investigation
  • Disaster planning
  • Hazardous materials
  • Technical rescues
  • SWAT medic and more


  • Sat, May 19, 2018 | Emergency Medical
  • Tue, July 31, 2018 | Fire Rescue
  • Sat, October 13, 2018 | Rescue Specialities

Medical Science

@ Beloit Memorial Hospital

Dig into the medical field with a full day of life in a medical setting. CareerTek is partnered with Beloit Health Systems to give participants interested in a career in the health field a look a several areas of medicine.

Learn About:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Radiology/x-ray technology
  • Laboratory work
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical medicine
  • Compression CPR
  • Hot to read vitals
  • Use of trauma kids
  • Pulmonary learning


  • Thu, June 21 2018

Beginning & Advanced Coding

@ CareerTek

Beginning Coding

  • Tue, June 26, 2018

Explore coding on a Raspberry Pi. All participants receive a Raspberry Pi to take home.

Learn a language that’s in demand–coding.  Learn the language that is driving our ever changing world.  Equip yourself with the basics of what it takes to code in a technology driven world.

Advanced Coding

  • Wed, June 27, 201

Explore coding on a Raspberry Pi. All participants receive a Raspberry Pi to take home.

Build on your coding skills and take them to the next level.  This academy is for participants who have some knowledge of coding and are able to navigate their way around a Raspberry Pi.  Join us and make yourself a coding asset in this technology driven world.

Construction & Engineering

@ CareerTek

Thinking of a future in engineering or architecture or construction? Learn basic design principles alongside professionals from the field and put your skills to the test with an opportunity to build your design. Participants learn necessary safety to handle basic tools and necessary skills like reading a tape measure.


  • Mon-Tue, July 11-12, 201


@ CareerTek

Food! Golf! Cappuccino! and more!  Join us for a behind the scenes look at the hospitality industry in our community.  Participants gain a hands-on opportunity to explore behind the scenes at the Beloit Club, operating a golf course, running a coffee house and restaurant.  Join us for two exciting days of fun.


  • Wed-Thu, July 18-19, 2018

Girls Construction

@ CareerTek

Calling all young women interested in design and building!  This is a female only opportunity to learn the basics around engineering and construction.  Come learn from successful women in the industry and work with them should to shoulder for this two day experience.  Learn the essentials of safety, tool usage and the empowerment that comes with seeing something designed by you come to life.


  • Wed-Thu, July 25-26, 2018


@ CareerTek

Bring coding to life and apply learning to robotics and design.  Apply your critical thinking/problem solving to build the device you envision and then bring it to life with coding!  No experience necessary…just your desire to explore and learn.  Come be part of the STEM world and explore your future.


  • Wed-Thu, August 1-2, 2018

Advanced Construction

@ CareerTek

This week long experience is for participants with some construction experience or background.  If you have previously taken a class in construction or completed last year’s academy–this is for you.  Come work along side professional tradespeople  on a community project.


  • Mon-Thu, August 6-9, 2018

Aviation Military

@ Truax Military Base, Madison

Thinking of a career in the military?  Just want to explore the world of flight.  Visit Truax Military Base, located in Madison, Wisconsin, with us and go behind the scenes and explore all that Truax has to offer.


  • Wed July 11, 2018


@ CareerTek

Dreaming of being your own boss and setting your own hours of work?  Put your business sense to work.  Come show off your entrepreneur skills and learn how to turn an idea into a reality.


  • Wed August 15, 2018

Police Science

@ CareerTek

Come explore the world of police science. Spend a day along side police officers to get a fun, hands on look at what it takes to investigate crime scenes, understand the complexities of body cameras, special operations and more. You want to be part of this amazing experience.

Lunch provided by CareerTek


  • Wed July 18, 2018

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