Summer Academies

Explore some of the hottest careers today

Academic Support

Collaboration space and resources

Healthcare Exploration

Health sciences and nurse training.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing

Workshops and one-on-one sessions


A  six week summer school course


A hands on finance class

Dare To Dream

Inspiring student’s strength and courage.

Today‘s Dreamers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Inspiring Young Ladies to Embrace their Futures


To help close the opportunity divide

Summer Academies

Explore some of the hottest careers today in the medical sciences, firefighting operations, coding, construction and engineering hospitality and more. These academies are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, exposing students to a range of skills and careers.

Academies offered have included:

  • Freshman College Experience
  • Babysitting Basics
  • Fire Ops
  • Culinary
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Python Programming Basics
  • Front End Web Development
  • Girls Engineering & Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Introduction to HVAC
  • Welding
  • Advanced Construction
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Web Programming
  • Police Science

Academic Support

Looking for a place to complete your group project? Need access to wifi for your latest research project? Want to study with fellow classmates or find someone to assist you with studying? CareerTek is the place for you! We have wifi, computers, a fun collaboration space and resources to help you achieve! Open everyday after school until 6:00, we are here to help you be successful.

Healthcare Exploration

Partnering together, Beloit Health System, Hendricks CareerTek and Blackhawk Technical College encourage students interested in learning more about health sciences and nurse training.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

A good resume is a tool to open the door to your future. While a solid resume may look simple, it requires careful thought and organization. If you are creating a resume for the first time, overhauling or just making minor tweaks, attend the resume workshop or request a one-on-one session for that personalized guidance.

Resume writing covers the following:

  • Resume Formatting–Get assistance choosing the right formatting for you.
  • Resume Content–What type of content does an employer need to see.
  • Key Vocabulary–convey the types of skills you possess and will bring to your employer, select and use keywords that convey your experience and skill set.
  • Tips–How to use your resume and get the most out of your living document.
  • Editing/Proofreading–Get editing advice and support to proudly allow you to present a polished product to your potential employer.

Craftsmen (women) with Character:

Craftsmen/women with Character is a  six week summer school course that allows students from multiple school districts, working in partnership with CareerTek, to participate in an exploratory course focused on three skilled trades (i.e. Electrical, HVAC/Plumbing, Machining).

Students receive a .5 elective credit from the school district in which they reside for their experiential learning and leadership training.  Students complete 4 days a week in a business setting shadowing an assigned mentor and 1 day a week at CareerTek focusing on soft skills/leadership skills.

During this six week program, participating students see three different business settings and experience a variety of work settings while getting a deeper understanding of  skills the workforce demands.


Making sound and informed financial decisions is more important than ever.  Grow your understanding of basic money management strategies to get you off on the right foot once you begin earning a paycheck.  Avoid the pitfalls and temptations by increasing your overall knowledge of your financial skills.

This hands on finance class provides learning opportunities led by finance professionals from around the community.  Learn about the power of interest, how to use and monitor accounts, establishing credit, credit card management, taxes, your pay stub along with saving and investing in your future.

Get off on the right foot and establish a positive relationship with money starting with your first paycheck–it will make all the difference in your life.

Dare To Dream

Each year Hendricks CareerTek hosts its Dare to Dream speaker. This annual event bring together students from the greater Beloit area and business leaders to hear inspiring messages that resonate with both youth and adults alike.

It was our privilege to kick off our inaugural event in 2017 with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. The following year Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee from Afghanistan provided inspiration and motivation with his moto: “Never give up. Never quit.” This year CareerTek will present a speaker you won’t want to miss!

Due to COVID-19 this event is postponed until further notice

Dare to Dream is an inspiring annual event that serves as a reminder to use our given gifts and that there is strength and courage within all of us.

Funds raised through sponsorship supports Hendricks CareerTek Scholarship giving.

Today‘s Dreamers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Inspiring young ladies to embrace their futures.

We gather together with local young ladies for the purpose of celebrating successful women in careers while raising money for the Stateline Boys & Girls club. We promote and create an environment for young ladies to explore career paths while connecting them with successful women and their stories. Additionally, this event exposes young ladies to successful business women increasing awareness of career opportunities for young ladies in our community and country. Finally, this event hopes to help increase girls enrollment and build financial support for the Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs.


Career Opportunity Real-time Environment

Hendricks CareerTek works hand-in-hand with ABC Supply Catalog and ACM to provide a rich, business-learning environment for young adults ages 18-21, who are willing to work hard, have a positive attitude and an open mind.   The CORE program (Community, Opportunity, Real Time Environment) strives to give selected candidates a year of priceless business experience through the various departments located within ABC Supply.  Upon successful completion of the yearlong program, candidates have numerous doors open to them within ABC Supply, higher education and the greater workforce.

CareerTek’s role is to assist with selecting and supporting viable candidates for the CORE program.  Throughout the yearlong program, CareerTek is heavily involved in providing additional learning opportunities, supporting candidates and tailoring learning opportunities that afford candidates a robust skill set by the time they complete the program.  This holistic approach to supporting and developing candidates enables them to build on strengths, address their skill needs and ultimately be on a successful road after the one year CORE program.   

Our goal is to help close the opportunity divide.  CORE connects determined, hard working young men and women with a company like ABC Supply, which affords priceless learning opportunities and skills necessary for the workforce and life.

Girls Who Code

“Girls Who Code is a national non-profit working to close the gender gap in technology.

Clubs are free after-school programs for 6-8th grade girls to use computer science to impact their community and join our sisterhood of supportive peers and role models.

Sisterhood. Club girls join a safe and supportive environment of peers and role models and learn to see themselves as computer scientists. Beyond the Club, girls can tap into an alumni network of tens of thousands of girls across the country who are using computer science to solve problems they care about.

Code. Clubs learn the concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, and functions that form the basis for all programming languages –– whether they want to build a website, an app, or a robot. Returning Clubs girls can deepen their programming knowledge through extended activity sets.

Impact. Club girls work in teams to design and build a Computer Science “CS” Impact Project that solves real world problems they care about through code.” (

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